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I'm confident the US military can handle openly transgender soldiers

Repealing don't ask, don't tell was big. But the discrimination that continues undermines the honor of my fellow service members.

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Georgina Somerset - obituary

Georgina Somerset was an intersexual brought up as a boy who fought a traumatic battle to be accepted as a woman.

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Intersex women speak out to protect the next generation

One in 2,000 babies does not fit neatly into male or female categories. Sarah Morrison meets four members of a new group that’s campaigning to change attitudes and to help others feel less alone.

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Same sex Partnerships and Gender Recognition for Albania, CoE clears the path for it

Representatives of Council of Europe, Albanian’s Ombudsman, Government, opposition and LGBT organizations were present today in a conference in Tirana to present two main legislation initiatives.

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Discriminatory speech of a pop singer Željko Joksimović in Serbia


Gayten-LGBT, Center for promotion of LGBTIQ human rights and Labris, organization for lesbian human rights, strongly condemn last night’s behavior of one of the judges in X Factor Adria show, aired on channel Pink.

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