How can you help?


You can support the Association with your donation

you can send money to our bank account 

From Hungary

send the money to Transvanilla Transznemű Egyesület 

Bank: Unicredit Bank
Account number: 10918001-00000088-56310001

From abroad

Bank: Unicredit Bank
IBAN: HU81109180010000008856310001

via Paypal (also with credit card)

You can offer 1% of your tax if you pay taxes in Hungary

Deadline: 20 May every year

Data needed: Organisation: Transvanilla Transznemű Egyesület / Tax number: 18288786-1-43

You can help with in kind donation

We are happy to receive services or in kind donations, because the money we save we can spend on other things. 

You can volunteer

We are glad if you provide us with translation, advice, administration etc. Let us know if you'd like to help!

You can spread the word and raise awareness

Follow us, share information about us, help us to raise awareness and support our work with sharing and caring!

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Invite us to your community and we are happy to talk about trans issues.









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