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Please donate to the first ever trans community space opening in Hungary

Another great milestone has been reached by the Hungarian trans movement and our association.
TámPONT is opening soon as Hungary’s first intersectional-oriented trans micro community space and library, and of course, not only for trans people.

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Announcement: The Constitutional Court Defended the Rights of a Transgender Refugee


The Constitutional Court made an important decision last week regarding the case of a transgender individual recognized as a refugee. They decreed that the Hungarian state fails to regulate the legal gender recognition of non-Hungarian citizens legally residing in Hungary. Therefore, the Constitutional Court summoned the Parliament to fulfill their legislative task by December 31, 2018.

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Transvanilla welcomes the Hungarian ombudsman’s report on legal gender recognition in the country

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In Hungary, trans people have the possibility to change their legal gender, but the process is not in line with basic human rights standards such as the right to self-determination and the right to a fair trial. In his 29-page report published last week, Hungary’s Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, László Székely, asked the Minister of Human Resources to address these regulatory problems in collaboration with relevant NGOs and professional organisations.

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Announcement: Transvanilla welcomes the modification of the government decree regarding legal gender recognition


As we previously related in a news brief, the evaluation of gender and name change applications has resumed, after pending since November, 2016. The process was relaunched based on a government decree issued on December 20, 2017, which contains the following new paragraph concerning the change of gender: 

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Neovagina/neophallus Monologues - Call for Submissions

Be part of our „Neovagina/neophallus Monologues” performance with your written, voice-recorded, or acted work!

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